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Support The Center Dance Ensemble

The mission of Center Dance Ensemble (CDE), founded in 1988, is “to develop the art form of modern dance by creating original works with professionally paid dancers who work together throughout the year. They will be spearheaded by a strong Artistic Director.  This company of dancers will be involved in a nurturing environment, with the Herberger Theater Center as their residence.  The company will commit to giving the community modern dance of the highest quality—adventuresome, challenging, experimental and exciting.  A strong emphasis will be on children’s educational outreach programming.”

Richard Nilsen former dance critic for The Arizona Republic, wrote: “It is the dance itself that counts, that one special moment . . . We should thank Center Dance Ensemble for keeping this discipline of [modern] dance before Phoenix audiences.”  He praised Snow Queen as “a civic treasure . . . a jewel of theatrical flourish . . . a holiday tradition that belongs only to Phoenix . . . just the magic that can inspire children for the rest of their lives.”  And he called CDE “the Valley’s leading modern-dance company.” Current Republic arts writer Kerry Lengel has called CDE Artistic Director Frances Smith Cohen “the godmother of modern dance in Arizona.”

Keep this pillar of the art community thriving.

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